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Clean Fill - Soil Dumping

Cleanfill is uncontaminated unscreened dirt, soil, sand, clay, silt etc. Cleanfill can have a small amount of small stones or organic material mixed through it, but no more than about 5%. When buried, cleanfill has no adverse affect on people or the environment.

$40.00 per m3 or Part Thereof


Hard Fill Dumping

Hardfill is any mix of cleanfill and or clean broken up cured concrete (NOTE: with no steel reo or steel mesh sticking out), Bricks, Ceramics, Tiles, Pavers, Clay Pipes, Asphalt, Chipseal, Shingle etc. Hardfill can have a small amount of organic material mixed through it but, no more than about 5%. Hardfill is not contaminated by any other type of waste.

$50.00 per m3 or Part Thereof (NOTE: we can cut steel reo off for you at a charge of $1 per/cut)



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