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Mixed Fill Dumping

Mixed fill is any mix of cleanfill and or clean broken up cured concrete (NOTE: with no steel reo or steel mesh sticking out), Bricks, Pavers, Clay Pipes, Asphalt, Chipseal, Shingle, Top Soil, Sand, Clay etc. Our Mixed fill can have no organic material mixed through it. Hardfill cannot be contaminated by any other type of waste.

Our Christchurch-based dumping location offers the following cost for mixed fill dumping:

$70.00 per m3 or Part Thereof (NOTE: we can cut steel reo off for you at a charge of $1 per/cut)



Steel - Asbestos - Animal Waste - Carpet - Chipboard - Contaminated Soils - Drums & Tins - Domestic Waste - Electrical Cables - Formica Board - Jib Board - Fibre Board - Hazardous Materials - Paint - Chemicals & Oil Containers - Plastic Pipes - Plastic Bags, Paper & Cardboard - Timber - Sawdust - MDF Board - Customwood - Plywood - Tyres - Treated Timber - Tree Roots - Branches - Foliage - Stumps - Garden Shubs & Plants.