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At Handy Hire, Ferrymead, we offer landscape equipment for a variety of different landscaping needs.

Whether you are gardening, landscaping, weeding, or working on other personal garden projects, our hire equipment can help.

Our hire equipment is kept at our store in Ferrymead, Christchurch. Post-purchase, you will either pick up your landscape equipment from our store, otherwise we offer equipment delivery. To purchase your hire equipment from your Christchurch-local, contact us via phone call, email or submitting a form.



DRYMIX Mortar is a special blend of Portland cement, well-graded mortar sand and selected admixtures which make it particularly suited to the DIY user around home. When combined with water, Mortar produces a high quality mortar with excellent handling and laying characteristics which is good for use under paving, bricklaying or for grouting between pavers.

This is a specialty masonry product. It is not suitable for use in general concrete applications.

Price Per Bag (20L) $11.99