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At Handy Hire, Ferrymead, we offer hire equipment for a range of different categories.

Our hire equipment can help you with construction, concreting, earthmoving, all the way to personal garden projects & landscaping.

Please note all hire prices exclude any fuel charges - Diesel = $3.00, Petrol = $4.00, 2 Stroke = $5.00 ALL PER LITRE

Our hire equipment is kept at our store in Ferrymead, Christchurch. Post-purchase, you will either pick up your hire equipment from our Christchurch store, otherwise we offer equipment delivery. To purchase your hire equipment today, contact us via phone call, email or submitting a form.



Sizes: 1642 x 2810mm, 1997 x 3410mm, 2556 x 3964mm, 3166 x 4909mm. Please specify size required in enquiry form.

Used for construction used to hold up objects such as walls and door frames, to prevent them collapsing.


-Always be cautious and take extreme care.
-Check that your foundations and soil conditions are good.
-Safe lifting practices must be used.
-Must have good clear access to the site at all times.
-Acrow props must be put up and dismantled properly to ensure they don't collapse.
-Never overload.

Required safety equipment:
-Head protection
-Hand protection
-Foot protection
-Protective clothing

Safe Working Controls:
-Always measure. Eyeing up is not good enough.
-Make sure the toggle clips are snugged down properly.
-Always use correct prop pins.
-Always dismantle in the reverse order to assembly.
-Always report loose frames and props and tape area off it considered dangerous.
-Be aware of loose formwork.
-Use correct lifting and hoisting methods.
-Watch for tripping hazards etc around bracing.
-Make sure ladders are used for access. Do not climb the propping.

Price - Full Day $10.00

Price - Week $25.00

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