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At Handy Hire, Ferrymead, you can purchase a variety of different firewood. Our Christchurch-based store offers wood pellets,  off-cuts, kindling, and other types of firewood. Our firewood options are great for your personal project requirements, or for stocking up on firewood before the winter months.

To find out more and to check firewood availability before your purchase, please contact our Christchurch store via phone call, email or submitting a form.

We are proud to have been named a Trusted Good Wood Merchant by Environment Canterbury. 



Pine Firewood is the most popular soft firewood. It burns well when seasoned but has a tendency to crackle and pop because it is resinous and a soft firewood.

Delivery charge extra for all firewood and is subject to availability.

1 Scoop $45.00

1 M3 $135.00

Bag $12.00